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Approaching the key challenges of Europes net-zero strategy.

Extract valuable data from your utility bills

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How it works

Simply drag&drop all your energy, water and gas bills as PDFs into our AI tool. We extract key information, analyze patterns and provide insights.  

The insights are visualised in out-of-the-box dashboards, can be downloaded as csv file or can be integrated seamlessly into your existing software solutions.

Energy data from building

Explore our Solutions

We provide you data, missing links and connect the dots. So you can focus on important decisions.

Folders with documents

Document Parsing

Extract information from your invoices, contracts and other sources

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Calculate Carbon Footprint

Calculate carbon footprint based on your consumption data

Austrain Energy performance certificate

Uniform data from EPCs

Get a comparable report from all your European energy performance certificates

Comply with regulations and standards


Global Reporting Initiative

Develop impactful reports to align with global best practices and stakeholder expectations.


Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Streamline sustainable investing, our data and tech seamlessly integrate into portfolio management.


Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Make informed decisions and align your business with the EU's environmental objectives.

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